Arisen Techno & Consultancy Services pvt.ltd offers consultancy & advisory services to variety of market segments & industries and help them find the right workforce, most suitable for their hiring needs. We make it our priority and enable you to stay updated and bring you to the top as per industry trends & development. Arisen Techno & Consultancy Services offers a comprehensive and industry specific training through its sister concern “Arisen Career”.

Job Oriented Training Program

Consulting Services

Manpower Solution

Offline Marketing

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Recruitment Process

.Selection of suitable candidate as per client’s requirements

.Provision of need based training to the candidates, enrolled or associated with us

.Flexible hiring options & availability of large resume data

.Cost and time saving in hiring process

.Free from any permanent liability “ Job Placement ”

Our Services

Job Oriented Training Program

People are the greatest assets for any business or industry, and the most important resource as well. Since they hardly use little of their potential and abilities, we help them discover their area of expertise and utilize them. You can place your trust in our name and long-standing reputation.

Job Placement

Job placement is a term, used to describe the process by which educational institutions, social service organizations, military branches, emeployment agencies provides assistance in acquiring a suitable job to any aspiring professional, as per his qualification and skills.

Man Power Solution

You may now get the most ideal candidates from an established manpower solution provider to meet your demand and desire. We discover the talent,develop them as per the industry standard, and deploy them to create wonders in the corporate world.

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing and advertising for electronics gadgets like mobile phone, capsules, tablets, Pc, laptops etc. We extend our services to this area for the one who seeks a pure professional assistance for business development.

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